Ken Christensen on his experience with the new groundbreaking CMYK + LIGHT product:

I have been using CMYK +light for many of my interior finishes and have been blown away by the results! The process brings life and light in the images represented like no other process I have ever used. It is completely affordable with high end results. Mega Media Concepts are also a dream to work with as their extensive knowledge in printing for retail and interior design applications have not only been useful but has saved us spending money on unnecessary print processes”

- Ken Christensen, Manager of Visual Projects at WEST EDMONTON MALL (the biggest mall in the world)

CMYK + LIGHT: Taking on an Olympic Challenge

Oakley Olympic Windows in Rio

OAKLEY2Oakley Latin America needed to make a big impression for the Olympics. What we did for them was print and cut 46” wide sunglasses on opaque self-adhesive and mounted the glasses to acrylic, giving the look of glasses floating in the air. We then printed the lenses separately using our CMYK+Light process, cut them, and inserted them in position.

The client and I had very high expectations for this project. Keep in mind: this application as we were producing it had never been done before so we were really pushing the envelope on this. The results exceeded our wildest hopes on what can be accomplished with this new process.

The opaque vinyl creates a marvelous contrast with the CMYK+Light lenses. The lenses burst with color and luminescence, and the glasses take on a 3D effect, as if floating in mid-air.

Oakley is completely thrilled with what we accomplished. Below are some comments directly from the client:

“The display is jaw dropping. People are stopping and getting their pictures taken with it. Our store traffic has increased, and we are selling more sunglasses.”