Our Recycling Programs


Watch a 2-minute video about our 100% Recycle Guarantee:


The Mega Media Concepts 100% Recycle/Repurpose Guarantee:
Mega Media will recycle or repurpose any sign or graphic it produces. Guaranteed.

A number of years ago, Mega Media Concepts established itself as a pioneer in the industry, stating that “every application has an eco-friendly solution.” It offers a wide variety of eco-friendly and recyclable materials ranging from aluminum and acrylics to wall coverings and films.

[Note: the following information is also covered in the above video clip.]
But then Mega Media upped the ante and created the 100% Recycle/Repurpose Guarantee to close the gap for its customers and radically change the way companies do business. With this guarantee customers can rest assured that no matter what type of material they chose (recyclable or not), their products will be either recycled or repurposed after the project is finished and materials taken down. Two major programs are used to implement this idea.

Banner-to-Bag Program

Ever since the start of the green movement in the large format print industry, vinyl banners have been a difficult subject. Why? Vinyl is made of PVC which isnot recyclable and will never breakdown in a landfill. However, it’s still one of the must commonly used materials because it displays good quality at a reasonable price.

With this program, you can continue to use this material worry free. Mega Media Concepts will repurpose any banner it produces in house into a wide range of products. Mega Media has developed a list of innovative and creative uses for this vinyl including:
- Tote bags
- Bean bag chairs
- Ottomans
- Portfolios
- Wallets
- Purses
- Messanger bags
- Duffle bags

While some of our competitors send their materials overseas for repurpose manufacturing, Mega Media Concepts does all its repurposing in house, eliminating the wasteful resources used in such overseas transportation and manufacturing. This also puts more control in the hands of the customer, as these products are fully customizable. Some clients even ask for pictures or their favorite snack food labels to be sewn into the front pockets of their bags.

These bags and other products can be used in a variety of ways:
- Promotions
- Giveaways
- Employee Incentives
- Resale

The possibilities are endless. Let Mega Media help customize a program for you.

Also see how Mega Media Concepts developed a Banner-to-Bag Repurpose Program with Dunkin’ Donuts, using their “Six for Three” promotion banners and  the silver coffee bags as the logo.

Network Program

Mega Media Concepts has a wide-scope network of schools, universities, trade schools, and civic organizations throughout the country. When graphics and signs are sent back, they can be repurposed in one of these worthy organizations in some very innovative ways.

One recent example of this program is Mega Media’s partnership with Greener Las Vegas in which over 100 4′x6′ sintra panels (produced for IBM) were donated to organizations throughout Greater Las Vegas. It even helped generate revenue for the local community as tourists lined up and paid to get their picture taken with the life size human cutouts on these sintra panels.

Other materials like canvases and cardboard tubes, for example, have been donated to the local high school art programs to be used in students’ projects.