Mega Media Concepts provides a variety of banner options to suit your needs. Whether you choose vinyl banners, mesh banners, or fabrics, your custom banners can be printed up to 16’ wide without a seam. This type of large format printing makes it ideal for your large-scale projects.

Vinyl Banners

One of the most flexible and cost-effective methods is using vinyl banners. Full color vinyl banners can be used indoors, outdoors and on a variety of surfaces. Because of the properties of vinyl banners, they are durable, virtually weatherproof, and provide high-quality colors at an affordable cost. Full finishing is also provided for indoor and outdoor vinyl banners.

Other popular vinyl banner options include: self-adhesive vinyl, double-sided vinyl banners, and pole banners. Our self-adhesive vinyl banners adhere to almost any surface, making it a great product for interior design on both walls and windows. Used both indoors and outdoors, the applications for self-adhesive vinyl banners are endless. Note: the hardware for vinyl pole banners is also available upon request.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are the most popular materials for oversized outdoor banners. Our heavy-duty mesh banners are ideal when wind conditions are a consideration. The mesh material has thousands of small holes, allowing the wind to dissolve right through it without damaging the banner. This makes vinyl mesh banners perfect for outdoor use and in all kinds of weather. They are often used for huge building wraps, attached to scaffolding for outdoor events, along fences or on banner stands.


Fabric Banners

To help give a completely new look to your promotional signage, consider using fabric banners (also known as cloth banners). The dye sublimation print and the soft feel of the fabrics give your display vibrant eye catching color. Deviating from the normal everyday paper or vinyl signage, the change in material gives a more noticeable pop to your displays. Our custom printed fabric banners can be used as both hanging or freestanding displays.

We offer a variety of fabric banners to help fit your company’s needs. Our heavy knit fabric banners have a matte finish and will not reflect light, making it perfect for large backdrops where direct lighting will be used. They are also lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. On the other hand, satin fabric and glossy fabric banners are commonly used in presentations where a little more glimmer is necessary. They are also great for POP (Point-of-Purchase) Displays and custom interior design signage. Fabric banners provide a certain quality and elegance to give your promotion an eye-catching accent for your more sophisticated audience.

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