Wall Murals


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Create a truly dramatic look with our custom wall murals. With a variety of material options (including vinyl wallpaper, self-adhesive wall covering, and stretched fabrics), these digitally printed wall murals are a great way to create the perfect look for your interior design space, in a dramatic way. Wall mural materials for textured walls are also available. Customized wall coverings can be used as temporary promotions or floor-to-ceiling wall coverings both indoors or outdoors. We have a full range of options to fit your needs.

Wall covering

First, our wall covering materials come in a variety of textures to best suit the look of your project. It is applied with a paste that can be adhered to any wall prepared for normal wallpaper. Because of the properties of the wall covering, the material is able to hide small imperfections in the wall as well.

Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Second, our self-adhesive wallpaper material is actually removable for a short period of time, allowing for any necessary changes to be made post-installation. The self-adhesive wall murals come in both a vinyl and a fabric material. They are commonly used as short term or temporary wall murals, leaving no adhesive residue behind after its removal. The self-adhesive wall murals can also be used on doors, windows, or any other smooth surface.

Stretch Fabric Wallpaper

Third, our stretch fabric wall murals are a great way to create a dramatic look in your interior design space. As previously stated, a temporarily removable version of the stretch fabric wall mural is also available.

Wall Murals for Highly Textured Walls

Lastly, full color wall murals can also be applied to textured surfaces such as brick, cinder block, stucco walls and concrete. These graphics adhere to textured surfaces in a way that makes it look like it was painted right onto the surface! Another great application is using the material as a sidewalk graphic. As it is a very uncommon application, it catches everyone’s attention as they walk past.

A gloss or matte laminate can also be applied to any of these products to give the wall mural a scratch-resistant property. This can be very useful in areas often frequented by the public.